My children started at the school in Year 10 and Year 9 having come from the Spanish system. It has been a challenge for them but thanks to the amazing work of the team of professionals who work here and thanks to their classmates, they have adapted perfectly. A great bonus of the school for us is the personalised attention given to each student. The methodology of teaching through investigation, experiments, perseverance and collaboration truly prepare them for the future world. The fact that from Year 10 onwards they are able to choose and specialise in the subjects that most interest them for their university studies is fantastic for their development. Our children are happy at this school, and that is the most important thing.


While The British School of Málaga has very competent teachers and a variety of learning styles, what’s made it particularly valuable to me is the mentoring programme that has helped me get more organised and ready for my A Levels. It has given me the chance to improve my teamwork and communication through leadership roles, and a seat in the EYP sessions which has developed my dependence and resilience. The British School of Málaga has let me discover what for me is an amazing combination: individual freedom, flexible systems, and solid guidance, all in the right magic mix. I cherish this experience very much.


Our children are now in their 5th year at The British School of Málaga and I have to say that they are both thriving in the environment you provide. The teaching methods and ethos of the school have meant that they actually look forward to going and come home with smiles on their faces, eager to tell the day’s events. The current management team have continued to make enhancements where needed and are happy to listen to parents to ensure continued improvement.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the school.